Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First/Last-Bridge City Hustle

"Bridge City Hustle is the collaboration of four talented and innovative musicians, songwriters, and producers that are redefining soul in Brooklyn, NY. They're quickly gaining a large following in the Northeast with their high-energy, virtuosic live performances built upon Johnny Burgos’s soaring vocals and the rhythm section’s heavy-yet funky groove."

Bridge City Hustle is a soul pop band from Brooklyn who are intermittently releasing singles from their upcoming sophomore release. The band returns to Pittsburgh this Sunday (6/14) at the Pittsburgh Winery and I want to thank Johnny Burgos (Percussion/Lead Vocals), Pete O'Neill (Bass/Background Vocals), Dave Zerio (Drums/Keys) and Dave D'Amico (Drums) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?
Johnny Burgos: Fugees “The Score”.
Pete O’Neill: ABC “Another Bad Creation”.
Dave Zerio: “Best of Richie Valens” from Strawberries.
Dave D’Amico: Some Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa split album.

Your last album bought?
Johnny: Alabama Shakes “Sound & Color”.
Pete: “Black Messiah”.
Dave Z.: ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ soundtrack on Vinyl.
Dave D.: Flume “Flume”.

Favorite album of all time?
Johnny: Toss-up between D'Angelo's “Voodoo” and Lauryn Hill's “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”.
Pete: “Multiply” Jamie Lidell.
Dave Z.: “Innervisions” Stevie Wonder.
Dave D.: Miike Snow “Miike Snow”. Favorite from the past few years...

Least favorite/most disappointing album?
Johnny: Anything that lacks groove and emotion.
Pete: Why you gotta go bring that up? Ha-ha.
Dave Z.:  Generally any pop record that come out in the early 80's by bands that formed in the 60's or 70's.
Dave D.: I don't remember...

First concert attended?
Johnny: Damn... Boyz II Men at Radio City.
Pete: MC Hammer, En Vogue.
Dave Z.: Billy Joel ‘River of Dreams’ tour at Hartford Civic Center, 1993.
Dave D.: Not really sure.

Last concert?
Johnny: Lake Street Dive/Sharon Jones at NYC Blues Fest in 2014.
Pete: Lake Street Dive/Sharon Jones at NYC Blues Fest in 2014.
Dave Z.: Stevie Wonder ‘Songs In The Key of Life Performance’ at MSG in 2014.
Dave D.: Madeon at Webster Hall.

Favorite concert ever?
Johnny: Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings in Prospect Park for Celebrate Brooklyn in 2012.
Pete: Gathering of the Vibes 2004 with James Brown and others.
Dave Z.: Yes at Radio City Music Hall in 2002 (When all the guys who played on the records were still in the band!)
Dave D.: Muse.

Least favorite concert?
Johnny: Jay Z at Yankees Stadium.
Pete: Mumford and Sons.
Dave Z.: Sigur Ros when I was in my "Radiohead. etc." phase. So boring. The ONLY concert I’ve ever walked out of.
Dave D.: Wilco.

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
Johnny: I've only been there once, for our debut show at Pittsburgh Winery, which was amazing! The city showed us so much love and all thought we were a Pittsburgh band because of the Bridge City in our name.
Pete: Band trip in college - we stayed at the same hotel as the Dalai Lama and a Crossdresser’s Convention.
Dave Z.: My only experience of Pittsburgh was this past winter when we played the Winery, which was awesome! But I gotta say - anytime Pittsburgh comes up, I am immediately reminded of my mom, who was quite possibly THE biggest Steelers fan you could ever meet!
Dave D.: Never been and very excited to check it out!

Thanks, fellas. Yeah, your name. You do realize Pittsburgh is the City of Bridges. I can see how people think you might be from here and all.

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