Friday, July 8, 2011

Image of the Day-"Loud Mouths"

Wise Blood
Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is the infamous gig were WB gets the plug pulled on him. Exactly why is still kinda hazy. Drinking on stage, cussing and throwing furniture? I can verify the drinking/swearing part. I did see him gingerly upturn a chair. My view is that they had free beer there and bad words are in his music. I am not taking sides at all because I dig the people who run the event, it just seems weird that's all. I am sure there was another reason, I dunno. Of all people, he seemed the most shocked to be getting the yank. He was genuinely happy to be playing there. I was actually enjoying his set. Super nice guy as well. Oh well. Some video love here. More photos here.

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Pittsburgh Music Report said...

Still amazes me had the plug pulled on him. If you are giving away free alcohol, why is it a big deal for him to drink onstage? Plus, why did you book him when you know what he is like? eh

I forgot about this show when creating my 'best of' first half of the year. This should have been the show without a doubt.