Saturday, April 30, 2011

Artist of the Month April 2011

The High Llamas-Talahomi Way

The much heralded releases this past month were from Foo Fighters and Paul Simon. That's cool, they probably deserve all the hoopla. My list is for artists who might not get a #1 Chart Topper or a NBC Nightly News segment and you may or may not be familiar with. This space is for you to seek this music out. You will be so happy you did!

The High Llamas have been making music since the early '90's. They have sort of a cult following in that I have never even heard of them and they have several releases. Not that I am THE music aficionado but I was talking to a buddy last night and I mentioned them and he said, "Oh yeah, Sean O'Hagan." Who? Regardless, I am now officially on that Llama train. This is such strangely addictive music. It's a cross between laid-back, '70's AM cheese and British pastoral indie-pop. Think of The Clientele covering 'Bluer Than Blue'. Yeah, that's what's up. Hopefully, there will be more from this band here soon.

The Paperhead-The Paperhead

Pimped these guys large on the blog yesterday. As with several of the bands this month, they could have easily been the AotM.

The Middle East-I Want That You Are Always Happy

It's so hard sometimes to get info on a band (you try Googling The Middle East) and it's even more complicated when they are from Australia. These are some incredibly spare and simple melodies highlighted by sweet vocals. Just beautiful music.

The Belle Brigade-The Belle Brigade
Ethan & Barbara are The Belle Brigade. This is their debut album. They write and perform amazing songs. If Juice Newton cut a rock album in 2011, she would cite these two as influences. Trust me, it works. I really love this band more and more every time I hear them.

I'm From Barcelona-I'm Today
I have a tendency to shy away from bands that have peculiar or smarmy names. There are a ton of groups out there with bad names and I am guilty of skipping over what would be probable awesome music just by hating the cover without reading the book. I almost passed on this band and I am so glad I didn't. Bombastic, upbeat, and most importantly good solid pop from all places Sweden. It doesn't hurt that they have been known to have 29 members in the band at once...29! Geez, I'll step on stage to make it an even 30.

Hillbilly Moon Explosion-Beg, Borrow Or Steal

Dark, sultry, and addictive rockabilly. What more could you want?

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs-No Help Coming
I am a sucker for old-timey retro rock n roll played with an unabashed lo-fi attitude. This album is a virtual Hootenanny. With a song titled 'Burn O' Junk Pile Burn' you really cannot go wrong.

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit-Here We Rest
I first met Jason 11 years ago when he was a young guitar player with something to prove. I have followed him since then and can honestly say that this release sees him achieving a confidence I was always hoping he would get to.

The Head & The Heart-The Head & The Heart
This band was really good live. I, along with the rest of the sold out crowd, never heard of them and they converted a room full of people with nine songs. How does a band not have anything to sell a gaggle of people at a show? Record company politics suck.

This album is good. The acoustic EP of this album is great. More soon from the recent Warhol show.

Thao & Mirah-Thao & Mirah
I just love indie band super groups, don't you? I like both these gals on their own. Together they are gathering steam as I seem to lose it.

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