Saturday, August 14, 2010

Image Of The Day-"Caio, Bear Cub"

Bear Cub
Thunderbird Cafe
Friday August 13, 2010

This was my first time seeing the band. I was so late to the party that this was their hometown farewell show and as they are moving to Nashville, it might very well be my last. I hung back and enjoyed the set due to exhaustion from a long night that I will detail later. In the meantime, enjoy some soundcheck shots and join me in wishing the band well on their new adventures!

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Bensreviews said...

I caught the end of this Hugh. Pretty good. Where the hell did these guys come from, right? It wouldn't surprise me if they find moderate success. They seem to have all the pieces there for what could become a popular band.

Before this I saw an amazing and emotional first set by Norm Nardini at Moondogs.