Saturday, April 29, 2017

Art All Night 2017 Band Schedule

Art All Night Celebrates it's 20th year this weekend and as festivities kick off today and goes straight through until tomorrow, I want to present to you the band schedule:

4pm Witch Baby
4:30pm Emily Jo
5pm Glass City
5:30pm casquet
6pm The Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh Dance Troupe
6:30pm Electric Army
7pm Fortune Teller
7:30pm Moonspeaker
8pm The Petty Brothers
8:30pm Define Irony
9pm The Uptown Woods
9:30pm Punch Drunk Tagalongs
10pm Standard Machinists Supply Co.
10:30pm Sikes and The New Violence
11pm Unfinished Symphonies
11:30pm Colonel Eagleburger's Highstepping Goodtime Band
12am Timbeleza
1am Bad Weather Jones
1:30am Phased Out
2am Thoughts in Motion
2:30am Reggie Watkins and Friends
3am Decaffeinated Grapefruit
3:30am Different Places in Space
4am Ryan Marino

Catch all the free, family-friendly fun at the Wilson McGinley building at 85 36thStreet in Lawrenceville.

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