Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Image of the Day-"Last Night In Town"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sometimes I feel incredibly unacquainted with many groups that I should know and don't. A great example is the band The Afghan Whigs and Greg Dulli. My only exposure to them is a scene in a movie I dig called 'Beautiful Girls' where they play the bar band. Pathetic, I know. Formed in Cincinnati in the late '80's, I should have been all over them. Damn you, Good Ole Grateful Dead for making me miss out on the heyday of indie classic goodness! Going into the show absolutely cold, I really enjoyed the set. Seems like Dulli's in Pittsburgh all the time but from what I hear this might be the farewell tour for The Twilight Singers. Glad I caught them before it was too late.


Anonymous said...

Dulli isn't in town that often. He played solo at Brillo in October, but the Twilight Singers have never played together in Pgh as a group. The last time Greg was in town was in 99. he even has said many times he disliked Pgh, mainly because of low attendance and not very many good clubs.

The comment you made about it being the farewell tour is nothing but a rumor. All it takes is one misinterpreted comment on the internet or a whisper of a silly statement at a show and everyone takes it to heart.

Hughshows said...

Chillax Coleen.
I said it 'seemed' he was in town frequently. Obviously I am not an uber-fan and was wrong. Thanks for clearing that up.
As for the 'farewell' tour I said I heard it 'might' be which it might not be also.