Thursday, April 30, 2009

Image Of The Day-"Coast Of Carolina"

Tuesday March 31, 2009
Garfield Artworks

I heard this album streaming on the Merge website and liked it a lot (actually still do-can you say top ten?). The band is basically a guy named Michael Benjamin Lerner from Seattle and he has a touring band but the record is all him. They were really good and even though I was utterly exhausted, I wanted them to play longer than they did.
More tomorrow.

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Image Of The Day-"Photograph!"

'Photograph' Video Shoot
Saturday April 25, 2009

A few weeks ago Jake Hanner contacted me to help out in the production of the band's next music video. I was extremely bummed that I couldn't commit due to a previous gig. Turns out I was finished with my assignment rather early which was only a few blocks away at Art All Night. I arrived at The Brillobox with plenty of time to spare. The video is for the song 'Photograph' and the director is going to use hundreds of images from the set

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Image Of The Day-"Little Dawn"

Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
Friday April 17, 2009
CMU Spring Carnival
Oakland, PA

I like Ted Leo. His music is upbeat, fun and even better live. The guy knows how to play and makes it seem extremely easy. He's like a cool uncle. I guess that should be brother, because I just looked it up and I am three years older than him? DAMN! It's alright, it's alright, it's alright...More tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Image Of The Day-"The Bleeding Heart Show"

The New Pornographers
Friday April 17, 2009
CMU Spring Carnival
Oakland, PA

I really like The New Pornographers. Their records are near perfect pop. When I saw them last year I was thrilled (especially that they shared the stage with openers Okkervil River). Unlike Okkervil though, who absolutely smoked at Smalls a few months later, I got the feeling before and this night that the band is on auto pilot. Sure the songs are still great but there is a ho-hum vibe coming from the stage when they play that I don't think even Neko could have remedied. Bummer. More tomorrow...maybe.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Image Of The Day-"Showstoppers"

The New Pornographers
Friday April 17, 2009
CMU Spring Carnival
Oakland, PA

Warren is the guy with the eyeglasses in the above photo. No matter how hard someone tries to make a name for themselves or who knows who or who has what or who has nothing ...Warren was as nice to me as anyone has ever been since I have been doing this stuff. By stuff I mean photographing musicians. Thank you so much, man.
As always, more tomorrow.

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Image Of The Day-"Off White Noise"

Mariage Blanc
Garfield Artworks
 Saturday March 28, 2009
Tuesday March 31, 2009

Local guys who write original tunes? What's not to love. Seeing them twice in as many days was a treat. They mixed up the tunes a bit as well busting out more new songs at GA.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Image Of The Day-"Rococo Zephyr"

Bill Callahan
Tuesday April 14, 2009
Paul's CD's

This set was to promote 2nd Annual National Record Store Day on April 18. I liked the performance, although I have to admit I (uncharacteristically for me) enjoy the CD better. Maybe it had to do with the fact that there was VERY little room to move in the store (and I was facing his back the entire time!). It also didn't help that during the third song some girl fainted and her man FREAKED OUT! Yeah, it's a scary thing when someone you care for is in peril but I thought someone was getting murdered! I felt really bad for the guy. After a few minutes she came to and the set hesitantly went ahead. Also, no SMOG tunes even though someone requested one.

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Image Of The Day-"Who?"

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Monday March 30, 2009
The Rex Theater

I, like many other people, was turned on to the BJM by way of the great doc DIG!. I LOVED their music in the film (The Dandy Warhols?...not so much). Since then I haven't had the chance to see them live until now. I, like many other people, was expecting some sort of catastrophe at the show. An on stage meltdown? A fight of some sort? Bloodshed? Either way, it would have been entertaining. I am so happy to say we not only got a KILLER show from the boys but were treated to an added bonus as Matt Hollywood and Joel Gion were in attendance as well! I was also very surprised at how damned nice the guys in the band were.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Image Of The Day-"People Of My Village"

Michael Glabicki
Wednesday April 8, 2009
Pittsburgh Guitars

I was walking around Carson Street yesterday taking pictures when I stumbled into Pittsburgh Guitars. Mike was in there noodling around with bandmate Dirk Miller. I asked him if I could take a few shots. No problem. Extremely nice dude. I loved the Root back when they started. I actually saw one of their first shows in the TINY corner at Jack's Back Room! Whether you dig them or not, it's hard to argue that they are one of a handful of bands that actually made a name for themselves outside the city line.

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Image Of The Day-"List-Show"

Meeting Of Important People
CD Release Show
Saturday March 28, 2009

This CD is easily my favorite disc that came out this year. I am betting that it will stay that way till December. I had SOOOO much fun at this show. They sounded really tight and were definitely firing on all cylinders.

Friday, April 3, 2009

...We Came In!

I started this blog 365 days ago. This is post #300. Thank you Pittsburgh.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Image Of The Day-"Beneath The Sky"

The Red Western
Saturday March 28, 2009

This band brought the country to MOIP's CD Release show. I love discovering new talent in the city. Nice harmonies going on.