Wednesday, May 23, 2018

First/Last - Caleb Kopta

Caleb Kopta is an indie rock musician from Cochranton, a small town 100 miles north of Pittsburgh who will be releasing his latest single entitled "Burning House" this Friday (5/25) as a followup to his debut EP Ghost. He will be celebrating at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls  supporting electro-pop band Kahone Concept for his debut release show. I want to thank Caleb for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?
It was so long ago, but had a Christian music background growing up, so I can only assume it was a Third Day album.

Your last album bought?
Dopamine by BØRNS is the last album I bought, since we live in a digital age, I’m more likely to go to Spotify to listen to new releases, in that case the last album I’ve really spent time listening to was Everything Now by Arcade Fire.

Favorite album of all time?
Battleborn by The Killers. Wilder Mind by Mumford & Sons is a close second.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?
I don’t listen to bad music, so I don’t have a good answer for this one.

First concert attended?
I was 2 months old when I attended my first music festival.
But the first concert I can remember being at was a Third Day concert when I was 4 or 5. I was very fortunate to grow up with a family who enjoyed taking me to concerts.

Last concert?
The last concert that I saw was Kahone Concept.

Favorite concert ever?
I’ve had the pleasure of seeing HAIM, U2, and The Killers recently. Each of those concerts were transforming, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be The Killers in Chicago, this past January.

Least favorite concert?
Again, I don’t listen to bad music, I just don’t have a good answer.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
I love the views from the North Shore, and Mt. Washington both at night. What a beautiful sight of the city. Pittsburgh is really a pretty city at night. I enjoy seeing the lights.

Thanks, Caleb. I gotta ask, what festival were at at at 2 months? Not that you remember anything but you folks surely would have told you which one?

Friday, May 18, 2018

Deutschtown Music Festival 2018 Full Schedule

This year marks the sixth year straight that music, food, and families take over the historic Deutschtown section of the Northside of Pittsburgh for two days of free fun.
A few new things this year are:
I am thrilled to announce we are renaming the former Main Stage at Middle and Foreland streets to be now referred to as the HughShows Stage! It has such a nice ring to it, doesn't? The HughShows Stage will also run on Friday evening for the first time, as well as Saturday.
We are also adding the scenic Skyline Stage in Allegheny Commons Park by the Elks Lodge to our festival on Saturday.
We have also added some other new stages for this year (Nova PlaceThreadbare Cider & Mead, and a few cool POP-Up Stages around Deutschtown) totaling over 50 stages over the course of two days.
As previously mentioned here, we are also resurrecting the former James St. Tavern building in cooperation with our friends from the Pittsburgh Winery to host bands on all three levels Friday night and Saturday all day and night!
Believe me, this year is going to be so much fun!

Here is the entire band schedule for both Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14, 2018 with venue locations and set times.

Friday, July 13, 2018

HughShows Stage
Middle and Foreland
Outside - All Ages
3:00 PM    Kate Clark
4:00 PM    Elias Khouri and The EK Band
5:00 PM    Kaelber
6:00 PM    iD
7:00 PM    The Rents
8:00 PM    Jill West & Blues Attack
9:00 PM    The Buckle Downs

Park Stage
Allegheny Commons East
Outside - All Ages
3:00 PM    Jenny and the Jags
4:00 PM    Bass Treble Harmony
5:00 PM    Jack Swing
6:00 PM    Essential Machine 
7:00 PM    Lee Robinson & ISKA
8:00 PM    Wreck Loose

Threadbare Tent
1291 Spring Garden Ave
Outside - All Ages
4:00 PM    Horus Maze
5:00 PM    WEST
6:00 PM    Princess Nostalgia
7:00 PM    The Turbosonics
8:00 PM    Funky Fly Project

Threadbare Warehouse
1291 Spring Garden Ave
All Ages
5:00 PM    Optimus Riff
6:00 PM    Vertical 48
7:00 PM    Marjory and The Public Works Band
8:00 PM    Paul Labrise Band
9:00 PM    Rhythm'n'Steel
10:00 PM  Jordan McLaughlin

Threadbare Restaurant
1291 Spring Garden Ave
All Ages
5:00 PM    Paz and Ukulele Eddie
6:00 PM    Aloha Salvation
7:00 PM    Paul Eisert
8:00 PM    Samantha Sears
9:00 PM    Rowan Erikson
10:00 PM  Soccershoe

The Park House
403 East Ohio St
9:00 PM    The Whiskey Gents

Arnold's Tea
502 E. Ohio St.
All Ages
3:00 PM    Scott & Rosanna
4:00 PM    Bitter Whiskers
5:00 PM    $tatu$
6:00 PM    Jordan Montgomery
7:00 PM    Hayley Dailey Trio
8:00 PM    Ken Turetzky

Elks Lodge #339
400 Cedar Ave.
7:00 PM    The Shadow Event
8:00 PM    Benefits
9:00 PM    Murder for Girls
10:00 PM  Chip & The Charge Ups

Allegheny City Brewery
507 Foreland Ave.
6:00 PM    Threesound
7:00 PM    Chloe Wiecz Collective
8:00 PM    Douglas Lowell Blevins
9:00 PM    Ben Valasek and the Growlers
10:00 PM  Anjroy

PGH Winery Satellite
709 East St.
5:00 PM       Ethan Jano
6:00 PM        Olga Watkins Band
7:00:00 PM  Adelaide in Autumn
8:00 PM       Atomic Shindig
9:00 PM       Mahajibee Blues
10:00 PM     Bindley Hardware Co.

Wigle Whiskey
1055 Spring Garden Ave.
Outside - All Ages
5:00 PM    Smoke & Mirrors
6:00 PM    Rachel Whitcomb
7:00 PM    Trinity
8:00 PM    The Living Street

YMR Club
631 Suismon St.
5:00 PM    Sorry, I'm Dead
6:00 PM    Altar Boy
7:00 PM    Fortune Teller
8:00 PM    Daisy Chain
9:00 PM    Mickey and the Snake Oil Boys
10:00 PM  Walker and the Rebellion
11:00 PM  neostem

Penn Brew Restaurant
800 Vinial St.
All Ages
4:00 PM    Dainty Life
5:00 PM    The Chiodi Trio
6:00 PM    lowlight signal
7:00 PM    Randy Hollenbeck
8:00 PM    Lyra
9:00 PM    Callan

814 Madison Ave.
5:00 PM    One Ray
6:00 PM    The Shiners
7:00 PM    AE Honick
8:00 PM    Rainbow Machine
9:00 PM    The Zells
10:00 PM  MaxXouT
11:00 PM  The Wire Riots

627 E North Ave
5:00 PM    T J Locklear
6:00 PM    Eric "The Pianofighter" Popek
7:00 PM    Adam Fitz
8:00 PM    Julia Capuzzi
9:00 PM    Aaron Lewinter
10:00 PM  Jeremy Caywood
Max's Allegheny Rathskeller
537 Suismon St.
6:00:00 PM  Dead Sin
7:00 PM       Dayshift
8:00 PM       Charlie Wheeler Band
9:00 PM       Phased Out

Nova Place Restaurant
100 South Commons
All Ages
5:00 PM    Matt w/2 t's
6:00 PM    Koz
7:00 PM    Jordan Auth
8:00 PM    J Roger Davis
9:00 PM    Justin Wade
10:00 PM  Katie Dee & The Quaking Aspens

St. Mary's Lyceum|
910 Chestnut St.
6:00 PM    Skeletonized
7:00 PM    The Groove Element
8:00 PM    The Goodfoots
9:00 PM    The Hoover-Rosenberg Jazz Ensemble

PGH Winery Satellite – Basement
422 Foreland St.
5:00 PM    Gary Musisko
6:00 PM    Appalachian Doom Gospel
7:00 PM    Portrait People
8:00 PM    String Machine
9:00 PM    Tessellation
10:00 PM  Habatat
11:00 PM  ...or the Duck Dies

PGH Winery Satellite – Upstairs
422 Foreland St.
4:00 PM    Alex Mendenall
5:00 PM    Makeshift Urn
6:00 PM    The Dark Lines
7:00 PM    Neonstorm
8:00 PM    The Long Hunt
9:00 PM    The Black Six

PGH Winery Satellite - Ground Floor
422 Foreland St.
4:00 PM    Luke B. Wood
5:00 PM    Dirty Leaf
6:00 PM    Matt King & The Dukes of St. Clair
7:00 PM    Wolfhouse
8:00 PM    Nameless in August
9:00 PM    Slugss

Saturday, July 14, 2018

HughShows Stage
Middle St. and Foreland St.
Outside - All Ages
12:00 PM  Jim Donovan & Sun King Warriors
1:00 PM    Raven Clifton
2:00 PM    Sourmash
3:00 PM    HollyHood
4:00 PM    Buffalo Rose
6:00 PM    LoFi Delphi
7:00 PM    Dinosoul
8:00 PM    The Telephone Line
9:00 PM    BBGuns
10:00 PM  André Costello and the Cool Minors

Park Stage
Allegheny Commons East
Outside - All Ages
11:00 AM     Tim Vitullo Band
12:00 PM     Nightly Standard
1:00 PM       little good bad
2:00 PM       Dori Cameron & the Invisible Monsters
3:00 PM       Coexist Music Group
4:00 PM       Emily Rodgers Band
5:00:00 PM  Chad Sipes Stereo
6:00 PM       Working Breed
7:00 PM       The Late Hit

Skyline Stage
Allegheny Commons Park
Outside - All Ages
1:00 PM    Dan Bubien & the Delta Struts
2:00 PM    Sun Hound
3:00 PM    For Dizzier Heights
4:00 PM    iNCO FIdO
5:00 PM    Clara Kent
6:00 PM    llivefromthecity
7:00 PM    Molly Alphabet
8:00 PM    Grand Piano
9:00 PM    Starship Mantis

Nova Place
100 South Commons
Outside - All Ages
2:00 PM    Stone Throwers
3:00 PM    Redson
4:00 PM    Intermission Improv
5:00 PM    James Drakes and CT3
6:00 PM    Ikea Damone
7:00 PM    Shelf Life String Band
8:00 PM    Eric Oliver
9:00 PM    Donna O

10:00 PM  Ben Alper

Threadbare Tent
1291 Spring Garden Ave
Outside - All Ages
3:00 PM       Second Street Strangers
4:00 PM       Jimmy Adler Band
5:00 PM       The Swingers Band
6:00 PM       JakeTheHawk
7:00 PM       American Spirits

Threadbare Eatery
1291 Spring Garden Ave
All Ages
2:00 PM    Sloane Simon
3:00 PM    Jay Michaels
4:00 PM    Daryl Shawn
5:00 PM    Mighty Kasey
6:00 PM    Maleena Dominick
7:00 PM    feeble organs
8:00 PM    Carrie Collins
9:00 PM    HANK the businessman
10:00 PM  William Sparks

Threadbare Warehouse
1291 Spring Garden Ave
All Ages
3:00 PM    9Sundays
4:00 PM    Wine & Spirit
5:00 PM    Professor Stomach Ache
6:00 PM    Ugly Blondes
7:00 PM    Back Alley Sound
8:00 PM    Kid Durango
9:00 PM    Love Dumpster
10:00 PM  Venus in Furs

Wigle Whiskey
1055 Spring Garden Ave.
Outside - All Ages
12:00 PM  Still Not Sober
1:00 PM    Sweetheart of the Barricades
2:00 PM    The Lone Pines
3:00 PM    Matt Aquiline & The Dead End Streets
4:00 PM    The Leah Hohman Band
5:00 PM    Brahctopus
6:00 PM    Cello Fury
7:00 PM    The YJJs
8:00 PM    The Employees of Funk
9:00 PM    Bad Custer

AIR presented by Wigle Whiskey
518 Foreland St.
1:00 PM    Zack Keim
2:00 PM    Tai Chirovsky
3:00 PM    The Wreckids
4:00 PM    Lindsay Dragan
5:00 PM    Chet Vincent
6:00 PM    Lady Jessica
7:00 PM    Midge Crickett
8:00 PM    Shay
9:00 PM    Diamond Shapes
10:00 PM  Sadie

627 E North Ave.
1:00 PM    Six Demon Bag
2:00 PM    Gator Shakes
3:00 PM    Remission
4:00 PM    Leprosy
5:00 PM    Aaron Romeo

8:00 PM    Same Moon
9:00 PM    Mild Fever
10:00 PM  Matt Wheeler

Max's Allegheny Ratskeller
537 Suismon St.
5:00 PM         The Hipsters
6:00 PM         Hedonism Bots
7:00 PM         Tears of Joy
8:00 PM         8 Balls
9:00 PM         Smokey Bellows
10:00 PM     Ten Thousand Dollars Cash

Penn Brewery Biergarter
800 Vinial St.
Outside - All Ages
1:00 PM    Josh Crusan & The Coconut Band
2:00 PM    Billy B
3:00 PM    Ellie Lee
4:00 PM    David Hipchen

Penn Brewery Terrace
800 Vinial St.
Outside - All Ages
6:00 PM    Thirty Years Later
7:00 PM    Soul Shine Overdrive
8:00 PM    Chrome Moses
9:00 PM    Two Birds
10:00 PM  The Clock Reads
11:00 PM  Gene the Werewolf

Penn Brewery Restaurant
800 Vinial St.
All Ages
2:00 PM    Charm & Chain
3:00 PM    Her Ladyship
4:00 PM    The Petals
5:00 PM    Cape Cod
6:00 PM    Avi Diamond
7:00 PM    Ferdinand the Bull
8:00 PM    Some Kind of Animal

Elks Lodge #339
400 Cedar Ave.
6:00 PM    The Crew of the Half Moon
7:00 PM    The Me Toos
8:00 PM    Paddy The Wanderer
9:00 PM    The Weird Paul Rock Band
10:00 PM  Rave Ami
11:00 PM  SPISH

The Park House
403 East Ohio St
9:00 PM    Locks and Dams
11:00 PM    Pennsylvania Dirt

Arnold's Tea
502 E. Ohio St.
All Ages
5:00 PM         Kanti Kasa
6:00 PM         Morgan Erina
7:00 PM         Lexa Terrestrial
8:00 PM         Tupelo

522 East St.
All Ages
1:00 PM       Jon Bañuelos
2:00 PM      Dev Structures
3:00 PM        Slagle Rock & Sue
4:00 PM       Astra Robotica
5:00 PM       Grits Capone
6:00:00 PM      Kyna
7:00 PM     Paul Tabachneck    
8:00 PM     HUBBS  
9:00 PM   Yung Delirious

Allegheny City Brewing
507 Foreland Ave.
3:00 PM       The Waif
4:00 PM     Ryan Hoffman and the Pioneers
5:00 PM       Honey Prism
6:00 PM       Middle Children
7:00 PM       Dumplings
8:00 PM  Soda Club
9:00 PM       Bikini Islands
10:00 PM     Honeyriders

PGH Winery Satellite
709 East St.
3:00 PM    Street Pigeons
4:00 PM    Upon Rocket
5:00 PM    NORM
6:00 PM    Paint31
7:00 PM     There You Are
8:00 PM    vireo
9:00 PM    Adler & Barath Blues Band
10:00 PM  The Pump Fakes
11:00 PM  Northern Gold

1022 Chestnut St.
Outside - All Ages
1:00 PM       Six O'Matic
2:00 PM   OHM Project     
3:00 PM   Brittney Chantele & Remy Vega     
4:00 PM       Alyssa Hankey
5:00:00 PM    TBA

814 Madison Ave.
5:00 PM    Razz Newtons
6:00 PM    Dream Job
7:00 PM    The Velcro Shoes
8:00 PM    The Danzas
9:00 PM    Tilted Shadows
10:00 PM  Klaymore
11:00 PM  Dead River

YMR Club
631 Suismon St.
7:00 PM    School of Athens
8:00 PM    Shifted Past
9:00 PM    The Night's Watch
10:00 PM  The Full Counts
11:00 PM  Black Ridge
12:00 AM  fuck yeah, dinosaurs!
1:00 AM    Rat Tits

East St Beer
807 East St
2:00 PM    Antoinette No Ordinary Soul Band
3:00 PM    Grand Prismatic
4:00 PM    Scott Fry Experience
5:00 PM    Blackbird Bullet
6:00 PM    Evan Isaac (Pugglefox)
7:00 PM    The Filthy Lowdowns
8:00 PM    Seven Story Fall

The Blacksmith Studio
900 Middle St.
All Ages
2:00 PM     Hear Tonight
3:00 PM    Dave D. & The West Hills All-Stars
4:00 PM    Zeve
5:00 PM    Will Simmons & The Upholsterers
6:00 PM    The Bleepy Things
7:00 PM    The Semi-Supervillains
8:00 PM    Devin Moses & The Saved

St. Marys Lyceum
910 Chestnut St.
6:00 PM    WolfBlud
7:00 PM    The Struggle Bus
8:00 PM    Sound Elevator
9:00 PM    Standard Broadcast
10:00 PM  Keystone Vibe
11:00 PM  Right TurnClyde

Open Air Brass and Drums
Roaming Artists at Large
 Times TBA
Magnificent Street Entertainment M.S.E
Colonel Eagleburger's Highstepping Goodtime Band
Run the Meat

Youth Stage
James St. and Suismon St.
2:00 PM    ROX Performance Group
3:00 PM    This is the World
4:00 PM    Wonderment
5:00 PM    The Electric Army
6:00 PM    Blue Shift
7:00 PM    Big Blitz
8:00 PM    Snowdonia

PGH Winery Satellite - Upstairs
422 Foreland St
2:00 PM    EASE
3:00 PM    New Moons
4:00 PM    Demos Papadimas
5:00 PM    Cisco Kid
6:00 PM    Elkhound
7:00 PM    Balloon Ride Fantasy
8:00 PM    Old Game
9:00 PM    Sikes and The New Violence
10:00 PM  Blue Clutch
11:00 PM  ATL&S

PGH Winery Satellite - Ground Floor
422 Foreland St.
2:00 PM    Good Ship Gibraltar
3:00 PM    Strange Monsters
4:00 PM    Aris Paul Band
5:00 PM    God Hates Unicorns
6:00 PM    Heavy Chest
7:00 PM    The Mixus Brothers
8:00 PM    As Ladders
9:00 PM    The Nox Boys
10:00 PM  Bipolariod

PGH Winery Satellite - Basement
422 Foreland St
2:00 PM    Sean Howard Orchestra
3:00 PM    Trent in the Trees
4:00 PM    Jack Stauber
5:00 PM    Track Meet
6:00 PM    The Uptown Woods
7:00 PM    Decaffeinated Grapefruit
8:00 PM    Different Places in SPACE
9:00 PM    The Moat Rats
10:00 PM  Chase and the Barons
11:00 PM     Hearken

Schedule subject to change.