Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008-Concert Moments (Pittsburgh!!!)

'I Know Every Street'
Friday December 18, 2008
I haven't seen a group in a long time that had me floored as these guys did the other night. I had seen Josh play in Lohio for a couple years now, and knew he fronted his own band, but they really knocked me out. I don't have many pictures of them because I was too busy enjoying the music. In 45 minutes they changed my entire outlook as far as Pittsburgh music goes. Our city is soon going to emerge as a powerhouse of indie rock! I cannot wait to see them play again many, many more times. 'Street' is by far my favorite song of the year.

'Weekend Tongue'
Sunday September 21, 2008
Bigelow Lawn William Pitt Student Union
Even though I saw them play in the summer, and not counting their fun as hell release party, I loved this set for the fact that I was able to finally meet the band. Super cool and talented people. I love this album and I am so proud to say that I was THE very first person to buy a copy!
'Fainting Goats'
Friday August 8, 2008
I am not 100% sure they actually played 'Ghosts' that night but seeing them several times during the year, I kinda lose count. My favorite Pittsburgh band puts on a party for a killer comp of local music. I saw Greg a few times handing out the comp for people to hear. My man!

'Sleigh Ride'
Silver & Gold
WYEP Holiday Hootenanny
Thursday December 18, 2008
WYEP-FM Studios
What a way to end my concert year! Discovering that Pittsburgh has some incredibly talented musicians who are just starting out and are the nicest people you will ever meet. I can probably be content with just seeing local bands during the next year and I am seriously considering it. I personally would like to thank all the bands in town, all the supporters of local music, and all the fans of music who support this wonderful scene. Oh yeah, Jeff, you rule bro'!
Happy New Year everyone!

Best of 2008-Concert Moments (Part 5)

Thursday February 21, 2008
Very odd show. Knowing that Bobby hates the 'burgh because he can't draw a doodle let alone a crowd here, I was stunned when Bloodshot Records (THE only place to confirm the show on the entire Internet!) listed a show at the Buckhead Saloon? What/where the hell is the Buckhead? Turns out it's a meat market bar that booked him through Camel cigarettes to play (read: free band t-shirts/hats/smokes if you scan your drivers licence). He still couldn't draw more than six people to hear him. And in a moment of utter regret, I lost the setlist to one of the other five people there to see him. If you are reading this, and you know who you are, my offer still stands for that damn setlist! E-mail me gal!

'Cemetery Lawn'
Sunday May 18, 2008
I thought I was drunk at The Waco Brothers show? I actually got booted from Smalls during British Sea Power's set. The Rosebuds were good though.
'I'll Keep It With Mine'
Wednesday October 22, 2008
The one that got away. My wife and I were soooo looking forward to seeing 13 Most Beautiful...until she gets hammered with pneumonia the night before the show. Bummer. I least I saw this three song set mid-week at WYEP. I can guarantee that I am the only person in the world with an autographed unused ticket to this show. I take that back, I heard that there were plenty of empty seats both nights.

'To All My Scientist Colleagues I Bid You Farewell'
Sunday March 2, 2008
As a Beastie Boys fan would say, "I F&%*$-in' shot that!"

Best of 2008-Concert Moments (Part 4)

The Swimmers
Thursday March 6, 2008
Garfield Artworks
One of my all-time favorite bands is still the now defunct One Star Hotel. Steve and his crew soldier on and promise to play a OSH tune for me next time they roll through town.

'The Bleeding Heart Show'
The New Pornographers
Saturday April 12, 2008
Carnegie Music Hall
I just got into this band last year and they swing through town on the last leg of their tour. Neko bailed out on the tour a few days after this show. Despite taking place in the worst venue in town, this show had the bonus of having Okkervil River opening.

Kathleen Edwards
Tuesday April 8, 2008
The Rex Theater
My favorite record of the year. I actually saw her twice that day. I caught her WYEP studio session in the afternoon before the show proper.

'I Dig A Pony'
St. Vincent
Monday February 25. 2008
The Andy Warhol Museum
This show was a total surprise. I didn't have her record but she was very good live.

Best of 2008-Concert Moments (Part 3)

Saturday October 18, 2008
A stunning surprise to end an incredible concert. I feel lucky just to have been there.

'Galaxy Of The Lost'
Thursday June 12, 2008
Besides putting on a killer set of music, Dev was endearing, funny and super nice.

'The Rabbit, The Bat, And The Reindeer'
Tuesday August 5, 2008
When the hell did this band become so popular? This show was a sell-out even without the tables in the room! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since they were fantastic even without one of their regular vocalists.
'So Come Back, I Am Waiting'
Thursday October 9, 2008
I LOVE this band. Seeing them twice in one year was treat from the concert Gods.

Best of 2008-Concert Moments (Part 2)

'The Fool'
WYEP Summer Music Festival
Friday June 27th, 2008
Schenley Plaza
Probably my most enjoyable concert of the year. Besides being free, the boys came out of the gate rockin' and never stopped. I thought I wouldn't like the relocation of the fest to Oakland from the Northside but it was perfect.

'Building A Boat'
Thursday October 9, 2008
CRIMINALLY underrated band that played a smoking set to six people? Damn, shame.

'Save It For Rainy Day'
Gary Louris
Saturday March 29, 2008
WYEP Studios
One of my favorite Jayhawks songs. I would have seen his show later that night (with Vetiver opening and backing him up!) but I had prior commitments.

'Killer Of The One'
Good Night, States
Thursday October 16, 2008
WYEP Third Thursdays
My first time seeing this band. They are from Pittsburgh. They play great, great original music. They are cool as hell people. 'Nuff said, check them out. I am hoping to catch them tonight as a matter of fact, you should too.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of 2008-Concert Moments (Part 1)

' Lucky Lemmings'
I had no idea what to expect from these college kids on a beautiful Saturday summer morning. They opened the second day of the fest and blew me away. Love, love, LOVE this band.

' Teenage Kicks'
The Waco Brothers
Friday June 6, 2008
Andy Warhol Museum
As my buddies who were there can attest, I was extremely hammered at this show. Did they even play this song? Who knows? When you end up on stage dancing, the show belongs somewhere in your year end wrap up.

'Northumberland West'
The Sadies
Thursday September 25, 2008
Club Cafe
I finally saw The Sadies live. They did not disappoint. In fact, they were absolutely stellar!

'Random Rules'
Silver Jews
Saturday August 30, 2008
William Pitt Union Assembly Room
University Of Pittsburgh-Oakland
I really didn't know too much Silver Jews music going into this show. I did know that he recently started touring and maybe would not get another chance to see him play again. The concert turned out to be great. Then he quits the band.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Best of 2008-Albums

  1. Kathleen Edwards-Asking For Flowers

  2. Donora-Donora

  3. Jenny Lewis-Acid Tongue

  4. Matt Mays & El Torpedo-Terminal Romance

  5. Old 97's-Blame It On Gravity

  6. Lohio-History, The Destroyer

  7. Okkervil River-The Stand-Ins

  8. Radar Bros.-Auditorium

  9. The Hold Steady-Stay Positive

  10. Shannon McArdle-Summer Of The Whore

  11. Centro-Matic/South San Gabriel-Dual Hawks

  12. Earlimart-Hymn And Her

  13. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

  14. Mudcrutch-Mudcrutch

  15. Elliott Brood-Mountain Meadows

  16. The Swimmers-Fighting Trees

  17. Lightspeed Champion-Falling Off The Lavendar Bridge

  18. The Baseball Project-Volume 1

  19. Kaiser Cartel-March Forth

  20. Foxboro Hot Tubs-Stop Drop And Roll

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Image of the Day-"Sleigh Ride"

Silver & Gold
WYEP Holiday Hootenanny
Thursday December 18, 2008
WYEP-FM Studios

This was a fantastic and hopefully first annual performance from some of the most talented musicians in our city. Several local bands were represented by their lead vocalists but a ton of credit goes to the backing house band for the night. Keyboardist Megan Lindsey (Good Night, States), drummer Jake Hanner (Donora), bassist Liz Adams (Lohio), rhythm guitarist Greg Dutton (Lohio) and lead guitarist Jeff Baron (The Essex Green) ran through a holiday canon that even my daughter (who was celebrating her 5th birthday) could love. Speaking of which, it seemed odd to me that there were no other kids there besides mine. This show was tailor made for the littlest of revelers. More tomorrow.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Image of the Day-"Ain't No Good Blues"

Donora CD Release Party
Rex Theater
Thursday/Friday December 18/19, 2008

It's totally unfair to compare the brothers Bubenheim to any other band. They swap instruments and yeah, you think The White Stripes and The Black Keys (drums and guitar only will do that) but these guys tunes are in a slightly different vein (listen to Off In Your Coffin...killer). Granted, I only saw a half hour of their music but considering I really liked the set, it I am totally excited to see them again. Also, I don't want to sound like a broken record when it comes to meeting musicians but when people are as friendly as Aaron and David are, you cannot but help respect them a little more. More from them tomorrow.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Upcoming Shows 2009

Many, many concert announcements popping up for the new year and I expect lots more to come. These are all recommended by me (not that I will be able to hit all of them).

Chuck Prophet
Friday January 16, 2009
Club Cafe
The Rustlanders
Saturday January 24, 2009
Thunderbird Cafe
Elf Power/Vic Chestnutt
Tuesday January 27, 2009
Garfield Artworks
Kathleen Edwards
Saturday January 31, 2009
Rex Theater
Guggenheim Grotto
Wednesday February 4, 2009
Thunderbird Cafe
Benjy Ferree
Sunday February 22, 2009
Thunderbird Cafe
Jason Isbell
Saturday February 28, 2009
Club Cafe
Sam Roberts Band
Friday March 6, 2009
Club Cafe
Cheech & Chong
Friday March 6, 2009
Benedum Center
Hypnotic Clambake
Saturday March 14, 2009
Thunderbird Cafe
A.C. Newman
Saturday March 28, 2009
Andy Warhol Museum
Heartless Bastards
Sunday March 29, 2009
Mr. Smalls

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Show Reminder-Donora!!

with special guests:
Friday December 19, 2008
The Rex Theater
This will be my last show of the year and I am guessing one of the best I will have seen within the last twelve months. I first caught Donora at the Key Party Comp Show in the summer and was able to shoot their short set at The Rock The Vote Drive in the fall. Jake has been kind enough to advance me a copy of the full length and man it is great! This is a killer bill and will definately be a good time. My readers should go, it's only $5 people!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Show Announcement-Get Guilty

Saturday March 28, 2009
New Pornos leader strikes out on his own and without his 'supergroup', books a room with about a thousand seats less than The Carnegie Music Hall when he last played town. I'll still go.