Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Know You Rider

1. Two Technique 1200 turntables 2/ needles and stylus in good condition NOTE: set up from left to right should be:CDJ, Turntable, Turntable, Mixer, CDJ(as the DJ is left handed) 2. Pioneer DJM 600 mixer3. 2 Pioneer CDJ 10004. 1 Wireless Microphone5. 2 Slipmats6. 2 backup needles7. Monitors on both sides of booth8. An adequate amount of speakers, sub-woofers and bass bins9. Private (non-public) sound check at the venue for the Artist at least 3 hours before doors open with the club’s sound technician present10. At least one 3-way crossed-over system with in-house engineer or ability to provide one by request.11. Grounded plug bar and room for a laptop computer12. Back-up headphones **NO exceptions to Technical Rider
TRAVEL RIDER/SPECIFICATIONS 1. Accomodations:ONE (1) non-smoking hotel room at a 4 Star or better quality hotel. Hotel must have high-speed internet access in each room and 24-hour room service.2. Flights: ONE (1) Round Trip Flight on US Air or United3. Ground Transportation:A professional car service in a Town Car or comparable vehicle must be available to take up to four persons to and from and between airport, hotel, venue, dinner and any other travel Artist may require. If a responsible and alcohol-free driver is not available for any reason at any time, ample money for taxi service will be provided by Promoter.4. Meals:Artist and Manager will be provided with a hot dinner on the day of the event, or TWO (2) twenty five dollar per diems (total $50), whichever Artist prefers. Artist Rider: Clean white towels. 1 case consisting of 6 EVIAN water bottles. Orange and Cranberry Juice, ice and glasses in the DJ Booth. A secure V.I.P. area for Artist’s guests (often including members of The Roots) that will be stocked with: 1 Bottle of Patron Silver. 1 Bottle of Gray Goose Vodka. 6 Cans of Red Bull. Club Soda, Cranberry Juice and limes 6 Vitamin Water Formula 50 1 pack of Sweet and Aromatic Backwoods cigars The Promoter agrees to furnish a secure and restricted area for the Artist’s representatives and their personal items before, during and after the performance. The Promoter assumes all liability for any losses or damages incurred therein. During the entire span of the Artist’s performance, there will be no persons in the booth besides the sound engineer and authorized staff. No taping or photographs of the performance is permitted, neither tape recorded, video or by any other A/V device, without prior written agreement by the Management and the Artist. The Artist has the right to adjust lighting specifications by choice. Management will be notified of other acts/DJs scheduled to perform before committing to this event. Any opening DJ should not play old-school or classic hiphop, classic soul or 80s songs. Security should be present near DJ booth at all times. Secured assistance for Artist from entrance to booth to exit, including hands to carry record crates.

Musicians demand a ton I know but damn this guy was playing an afterparty for crying out loud.
Glad I was at the Iron & Wine show and not accidently stepping on this jerks toes.
I realize it's a chore to read through but that's the point of the post. According to some the show proper was quite lame.
My favorite bands don't demand anything and hang with the fans who are there to see them.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Iron & Wine

I like Iron & Wine. I don't LOVE them as some people do but they're aiight. The other night they played for two hours and change and man could they have trimmed the show a bit. They went on and on and on and...

The Trapeze Swinger/Jezebel/A History Of Lovers/Upward Over The Mountain/Carousel/Cinder And Smoke/House By The Sea/The Devil Never Sleeps/White Tooth Man/Weary Memory/Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car/Peace Beneath The City/Innocent Bones/Boy With A Coin/Sodom, South Georgia/Woman King/Wolves (Song Of The Shepard's Dog)

My belief is that the crowd, who were totally asleep during the show, might have sucked out all the excitement from the band. Sam even commented on it from the stage!

Regardless, they were a tight as hell bunch of musicians. Maybe in a relaxed, outdoor setting it would have worked better for me but I think I fell asleep twice during the set.

On another note, I worked really hard to try to draw a decent portrait of the guy and after several attempts and two drafts they still didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. As he was signing my prints, I asked Sam, " Do you think they look like you?" His deadpan response, "Well, he has a beard." Classic.


Califone opened up for Iron & Wine last night in Greensburg at The Palace Theater. First off I have to say what a venue. These old refurbished turn of the century movie halls that are hosting shows lately are damned terrific. Sure Greensburg is an hour drive from home but so far it's by far the coolest place to see a concert. They have an outdoor smoking garden that's TOO easy to sneak my camera into. Next time!

As for Califone, they were good given the seven songs they were able to squeeze into the half hour allotted. Super nice fellas to boot. Tim mentioned they will have a new album recorded by the end of May hopefully. I really wish I was more familiar with their stuff to appreciate the set.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The New Pornographers in Pittsburgh

I like The New Pornographers. Unfortunately, it seemed to me that they were just running through their set with no conviction Saturday night. I suppose it didn't help that openers Okkervil River totally upstaged them. Still the show was great.
Psst, can you keep a secret? Travis (Okkervil's drummer-maybe one of the coolest guys in rock) hinted that they might be back in Pittsburgh for a headling gig at Diesel in the fall!!! You didn't hear it from me.

My Rights Versus Yours/Stacked Crooked/All The Old Showstoppers/These Are The Fables/Use It/All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth/The Laws Have Changed/Go Places/Challengers/Testament To Youth In Verse/Twin Cinema/The Jessica Numbers/Mutiny, I Promise You/Mass Romantic/Adventures In Solitude/Sing Me Spanish Techno/The Bleeding Heart Show

Encore: Don't Bring Me Down/The Electric Version

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Okkervil River Carnegie Music Hall

Okkervil River BLISTERED through a terrific hour-long set last night opening for The New Pornographers. As Carl Newman said from the stage, Okkervil is THE best band out today, "Schmarcade Fire, please?"

The President Is Dead>Black/A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene/The Latest Toughs/A Girl In Port/A Stone/It Ends With A Fall/John Allyn Smith Sails/Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe/For Real/Unless It Kicks/Westfall

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Justin Rutledge

I wanted to mention how much I enjoyed Justin's set opening for Kathleen Edwards the other night. He reminded my a little of Ryan Adams, although I would hate to pigeonhole him that way.

He had a very self-deprecating stage presence and was avery nice guy as well.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kathleen Edwards Pt. 2

Last nights show at the Rex was probably my favorite of the year so far. I did like the acoustic set earlier in the day but this gal can get down with her band. A bonus was the crowd wasn't too packed with lots of room near the stage.

Mercury/In State/What Are You Waiting For?/Asking For Flowers/Run/Copied Keys/I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory/12 Bellevue/Alicia Ross/Buffalo/Six O'Clock News/Summerlong/Hockey Skates/Oil Man's War/The Cheapest Key

Encore: Scared At Night/Goodnight, California/Back To Me

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kathleen Edwards Pt. 1

Awesome as always WYEP In-studio session today. The performance consisted of Kathleen and her man Colin on a couple acoustics. What a tease for tonight.

Back To Me/Asking For Flowers/I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory/The Cheapest Key

How awesome was it? I finally became a member of YEP after realizing all the great music I have witnessed because of them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

So This Is Where...

The new chapter in Hughshows? We'll see.

What I wanted to share is that if you did not get tickets to The New Pornos/Okkervil show on 4/12 yet, what are you waiting for? This could very well turn out to be the show of the year.