Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Scott said...

Nice photos as always. How do you insert them into a post so that they can be clicked-on and enlarged? Every time I try to insert large photos, the right side of the image just gets cut off by Blogger.

HughshowsRedux said...

Thanks Scott, I appreciate it.
I use 72 dpi and width size it to 9 inches. I display the largest size. Now whether or not that does the trick I don't know.
I was having the same problem as you are saying when I was using Google Chrome as my browser (which funny enough gave me all kinds of problems trying to load an entry)! I now use Firefox and like IE before it, seems to post easily enough. Then again I am not thrilled with Blogger anyway but hey, it's easy and free.

Scott said...

ok, thanks for the info. I wonder if it has to do with uploading from your hard drive vs. linking to a Flickr or Photobucket image (which is what I usually do). I'll plan around with that.